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Rapid Köthen Sheet Machine Automatic

Rapid Köthen Sheet Machine Automatic

For the production of standardized hand-sheets (Ø 200 mm)

  • Features

    • PLC-controlled process for automatic sheet-forming (Siemens Simatic)
    • Process can also be carried out manually
    • Strong stainless steel frame with waterproof polypropylene working top
    • Lightweight dryer lids for easy handling
    • Sufficient space on working top for handling sheets
    • Simple push-button control to start/stop the drying process
    • Drying time for standard handsheets 3 – 6 min
    • Optional white water system
    • Optional dryers up to 145°C (standard is up to 97°C)


    The machine consists of a strong stainless steel table with a waterproof polypropylene working top, a built-in sheet forming column, 1 to 5 dryers, a bronze-pump (2 in case of white water option), 1 or 2 water heaters, water reservoir, valves, control cabinet, etc. Just behind each dryer is a control panel with displays for vacuum, time and temperature; the start/stop buttons are just in front of it. The machine is built for fully automatic forming of handsheets and is easily operated by pressing the start button and adding the pulp suspension.
    The finished sheet is taken out after couching and placed in one of the dryers. With a 4-dryer machine 40-50 sheets can be produced per hour.

    Test description

    After preparing the pulp sample the process is started by pushing the “Start” button. Water is pumped into the stock container. When the 4 liter mark is reached, the suspension is added and at the 7 liter mark the filling process stops. The suspension is automatically agitated with compressed air for 5 sec, and then 5 sec are allowed for the turbulence to cease. After automatic dewatering the sheet is ready, and the former can be opened. A dry carrier board is placed on top and the couch roll applied. The sheet forming screen together with the wet sheet and carrier board is turned over and tapped onto the soft underlay which releases it from the screen. A cover sheet is placed on top of the wet sheet. Together they are placed in one of the dryers and the dryer lid is closed. By pressing the “Start” button the automatic drying cycle begins. A buzzer and a red light indicate the end of this cycle. The sheet is now ready for conditioning and subsequent testing.


    Manual version:

    • Only manual cycle control

    Automatic version:

    • Automatic cycle control with 24 individual programs
    • Manual cycle control with 6-position switch
    • optional with white-water system

    All versions:

    • Special lightweight dryers
    • 0 to 5 dryers
    • Dryers are started with a single button
    • Vacuum pump made of tin bronze
    • Strong stainless steel frame with waterproof polypropylene working top and side covers
    • Pump, water bath, control cabinet, valves, former and lightweight dryers easy to service
    • all parts made of non-corrosive materials


    White Water Circulation System:
    • In this case the water is not drained but pumped into a separate acrylic glass cylinder and recycled. This version is mainly used in research to determine the accumulation of chemicals in the white water and those retained in the sheet. The white water can be heated (max. 65°C).

    Dryer Heating up to 145°C:
    • In this case an oil-bath with silicon-oil is used to attain the required heat in the dryer
    • Because of the use of silicon-oil all components have to be silicon-oil-proof. The materials are specially made for this purpose and therefore only Teflon-membranes can be used which are not according to standard.

    Technical data

    Electricity: 400 V, 50 Hz
    Water supply: water (drinking water quality)min. 1 bar, Drain Ø 50 mm
    Compressed air: 400–600 kPa
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 100–235x82x150 cm
    Net weight: 250–500 kg
    Gross weight: 300–600 kg

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