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BCT Box Compression Tester

BCT Box Compression Tester

For the testing of resistance and capacity of boxes against compression

  • Features

    • manual adjustable final position switch
    • stabile two-spindle crush tester for highest precision;
    • values and carts on graphical display;
    • preselection of saved test procedure with automatic retune of pressure plates to starting position;
    • buckling resistant, heave model


    The compact two-spindle Crush Tester disposes of a built-on 10,4” TFT touchscreen and separate start and stop buttons. The respective test programs are to be selected on the display. After pre-selection of the desired test program, the test plates automatically go to their respective initial position. A safety protection (comprising an especially designed spring set) helps prevent damage to the force sensor by accidental operation. Various sample holders and sample preparation devices are at your disposal for the different test modes and can be ordered according to your needs. It can include the 4-point bending tests instead of pressure plates.

    Test description

    Box with or without content is placed in the middle of the pressure plates. After the relevant test parameters are chosen on touch screen press the “Start” button and the upper plate moves down to the fixed lower plate under pre-set velocity until the plate touches the box. At this moment the measurement is starting until the senor is detecting a break or the pre-set parameters are fulfilled. After finishing trial the upper pressure plate going back to start position and the values are available.    


    • adjustable final position switch;
    • testing speed up to 500 mm/min;
    • measurement until breaking is detected;
    • automatic return of pressure plate to start position
    • 10,4” TFT touchscreen monitor with separated operating elements
    • compatible with “ProbeNet”, software for collecting, saving and printing of test results;
    • indication of diagrams, single and statistical values on screen;

    Available models:

    Deliverable working space dimensions (L x D x H)

    • 600 x 600 x 800 mm
    • 800 x 800 x 800 mm
    • 1250 x 1250 x 1250 mm
    • other dimensions on requestDeliverable load cells

    Deliverable load cells

    • 10 kN
    • 25 kN
    • 50 kN

    Technical data

    Electric supply:                                100 - 230 V, 50 - 60 Hz
    Dimension of pressure plates:           125 x 125 mm

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