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Digital Burst Tester for Board

Digital Burst Tester for Board

Determines the bursting strength of board and corrugated board

  • Features

    • Measuring range: 350-2000 kPa (S18530000)  resp. 200-10000 kPa (S185340001)
    • Statistic functions
    • Mechanic safety protection
    • Display
    • Pneumatic sample clamping


    Digital burst tester, working according to Mullen: A plunger pushes glycerin against the membrane in order to bulge it. The distended membrane imposes pressure upon the sample (which is clamped over the membrane by means of a clamping bell). Pressure is increased until the sample bursts. The sample is clamped pneumatically. The device is equipped with safety protection. Results are displayed digitally. The maximum sample thickness is 12 mm.

    Test description

    The sample is placed between clamping bell and membrane. After pushing the start button, the sample holder lowers and clamps the sample. A piston pumps glycerin at a constant rate under the membrane. The sample is bulged until it bursts. The burst value is displayed. As soon as the sample bursts, the burst value is displayed. The plunger returns to its initial position, and the sample is released. The instrument is ready for further measurements. Besides single values, the menu shows statistic values (min, max, average, and standard deviation). The values can be processed by means of Probe Net or printed out.


    • Hydraulic system (glycerin)
    • Motor driven
    • Pneumatic sample clamping
    – Contact pressure adjustable until 400 - 1500 kPa or 700 - 2300 kPa (S185340001)
    – Test surface: 780 mm², Diameter (31.5 ± 0.05 mm)
    • Burst pressure measuring range: 200-2000kPa (MTB 100) or 200-10000 kPa (S185340001)
    • Digital display of burst value and statistic functions
    • Accuracy: ± 1 % of displayed value
    • Special membrane
    • RS 232 interface for result transfer or printer connection

    Technical Data

    Electricity: 110-230 V, 50-60 Hz
    Water supply: None
    Compressed air: 400-600 kPa
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 63x22x52 cm
    Net weight: 55 kg
    Gross weight: 75 kg

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