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For standardized disintegration of pulp suspensions

  • Applicable standards:
    ISO 5263-1
    TAPPI T 205
    SCAN C18/M2
    Paptac C.6



    Product code:  95568


    • Made of all corrosion-resistant materials
    • Upper part swings open for ease of use
    • Motor capacity: 370 W
    • Electronic counter of revolutions
    • Electronics built into the upper part, therefore well-protected against entering water
    • Disintegration pot is available in Plexiglas® (standard) or stainless steel


    The sturdy and reliable disintegrator is very easy to use. One -  hand operation for opening, closing and starting the machine. 
    To prevent injury, the device cannot be switched on without a pot in place. The disintegrator switches off automatically and resets the counter when the pre-selected numbe