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FCT Circular Sample Cutter

FCT Circular Sample Cutter

For corrugated board samples of 100 cm² for FCT tests

  • Features

    • For samples of a thickness up to 16 mm
    • Cutting blades advance bit by bit deeper into the sample without damaging the edge
    • Cutting pad included in delivery


    The special circular cutter winds itself slowly into the sample by means of a fine pitch thread, so that the cutting edges don’t get damaged.

    Test description

    The operator places the sample to be cut (board or corrugated board) on the cutting pad and puts the sample cutter cautiously on the surface to be cut. Four small needles penetrate the sample outside of this surface to avoid inaccuracy because of slipping. Bit by bit, the device cuts into the sample, so that the cutting edges stay undamaged. The operator removes the cutter from the sample and rewinds the crank back. The sample now is available for further tests.


    • Fine pitch thread
    • No deformation of the cutting edges
    • Device to preset the cutting depth
    • Blades easy to change
    • Protection against injuries
    • Maximum sample thickness: 16 mm

    Technical data

    Electricity: None
    Water supply: None
    Compressed air: None
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 15x15x20 cm
    Net weight: 2 kg
    Gross weight: 5 kg

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