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Internal Bond Tester

Internal Bond Tester

Determines the internal bonding of paper and board (Z-direction)

  • Most important benefits

    • Easy clamping of the base plate with clamping angles
    • Automatic pendulum return
    • Extremely easy change between the various pendulum sizes
    • Integrated touch screen operation

    Product Description
    The Internal Bond Strength Testing Device complies with state-ofthe-
    art technology and convinces with an easy-to-use touch display,
    a fully automated pendulum return and the possibility of changing
    the various pendulums very easily.
    The large touch display shows a well-structured representation of
    individual values and statistics (maximum, minimum and average
    values and standard deviations) and, in addition, is compatible with

    Test Description
    After placing the prepared test samples into the device the pendulum
    is released. The pendulum hits the test sample and splits the
    paper in the z-axis. The forces that are generated during the test are
    measured and can be displayed in various units. The pendulum is
    automatically returned to its initial position and is ready for another
    The results of a measurement series are recorded in a statistics.

    Technical data

    • Pneumatic clamping of the angle supports
    • Digital display with touch operation
    • Statistical functions
    • Compatible with ProbeNet

    • Bond strength in J/m2
    • The device is switchable to other units (ft lb/sq in2, mJ/sq in2).

    Results                      ft lb/sq in²               mJ/sq in²               J/m²
    Low range “LOW”            0,25                       340                     525
    Standard range “STD”     0,50                       680                    1050
    High range “HIGH           1,00                      1360                    2100

    Voltage supply 24V DC via AC power adapter

    Installation Requirements
    Power supply 230 V, 50–60 Hz
    Compressed air 6 bar

    WxDxH 48.5x23x53 cm

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