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Jokro Mill

Jokro Mill

For laboratory beating of pulp under standardized conditions

  • Applicable standards:
    DIN 54360
    ISO 5264-3
    EN 25264-3
    Zellcheming Merkblatt 105/5/60



    Product code:  40120


    • Laboratory mill for simultaneous beating of 6 samples; sample size: 96 g (6 x 16 g)
    • Digital display indicates speed, revolutions, and time
    • Safety lock, emergency stop, CE certified
    • Beating units are certified by the University of Technology in Darmstadt, Germany


    The Jokro-Mill, according to Jonas/Kross, allows simultaneous, reproducible beating of up to 6 pulp samples of 16 grams each. The beating units (bronze) are mounted in a turntable and perform a planetary movement around the central shaft. Centrifugal force is causing the beater roll inside each vessel to roll along the sides with the pulp in between, thereby causing the beating action. The speed of the turntable is controlled electronically, therefore the beating load remains constant.

    Test description

    Soaked and disintegrated samples of 16 g (o.d.) at a concentration of 6% are spread evenly around the inside walls of the beating vessels. After inserting the roll and closing the lid they are installed in the turntable by means of a torque spanner. The beating process can only be started with the cover closed. It cannot be opened until the mill stops. The beating time is controlled by an electronic timer, the actual speed and the accumulated revolutions are digitally displayed.


    • Jokro Mill with horizontal turntable with 6 receptacles for up to 6 beating units
    • Rotational speed is adjustable from 50 to 150 rpm
    • Rotational speed for beating according to standard: 150 rpm
    • Safety device: The mill cannot be opened until the turntable has come to a standstill
    • Digital display of rotational speed, total revolutions, and beating time
    • All covers are made of stainless steel
    • 6 beating units and 1 reference beating unit with inspection certificate of the TU Darmstadt are included in delivery
    • weight of the beating rolls: 2,000g ± 1 g

    Technical data

    Electricity: 220-230 V, 50 Hz
    Water supply: None
    Compressed air: None
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 82x102x100 cm
    Net weight: 380 kg
    Gross weight: 500 kg

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