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ModularLine Micrometer

ModularLine Micrometer

Measures thickness of various materials

  • Description

    The PTA-Line Micrometer is suitable for measuring the thickness of papers, boards, textiles, fabrics, glass fibers, and similar materials. A linear high resolution sensor captures the measuring values, which are subsequently shown on a touchscreen. The measuring unit and an industrial PC are built into a sturdy housing. Measuring pin and load weight are built into the instrument according to the testing requirements. Lowering speed and dwell time are set according to the standard. The lifting can be limited, thus speeding up the measurement. The service menu is well arranged, so that the parallelism can easily be controlled and set. A large touch-screen clearly displays single values, statistics, and curve charts. It is possible to preset an automatic zero setting before the start of every test series.

    Test description

    The sample is placed on the measuring area. The operator pushes the start button. The measuring pin lowers onto the sample at the appropriate load pressure for a preset dwell time. An electronic sensor receives the measuring value, which is displayed subsequently. Statistic values and graphs are displayed after multiple tests.


    • Motor drive
    • Measuring accuracy: 0,5μm
    • Stroke limit adjustable from 3-22 mm
    • Sample support Ø 80 mm
    • Lowering speed adjustable from 1-11 mm/min
    • Dwell time adjustable from 0-999.9 s
    • Various test modes are selectable: manual test, single test, cycle test with selectable dwell time
    • Display of single values, statistics and curve charts
    • Service menu with easy calibration mode
    • Data Outputs: RS232, Parallel Print Port, XML Export, PTA Line Connect

    Technical data

    Electricity: 110- 230 V, 50/60 Hz
    Water supply: None
    Compressed air: None/automated 4bars
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 27x68x60 cm
    Net weight: 36 kg
    Gross weight: 51 kg


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