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PDA.C 02 HVL - Module High Viscous Liquid

PDA.C 02 HVL - Module High Viscous Liquid

Investigation of the surface quality of paper / board and of liquid properties by gathering the wetting and penetration in particular of high viscous and contaminating liquids

  • Ultrasonic Tester for the Determination of Paper/Board and Liquid Properties via the Wetting and Absorption Behavior specific of high viscous liquids, as for example adhesives, printing ink, coating colors

    • Main application: prediction of converting properties
      • printability
        • Offset: oils or inks
        • Gravure: missing dots potential in LWC papers
        • Flexo: wetting and penetration behavior of flexo inks
        • Ink jet: wetting and penetration behavior of ink jet inks
      • glueability
        • Surface sizing, surface porosity
        • Film generation of dispersion adhesives
      • Dynamic Water Retention of coating colors
    • Advantages:
      • No cleaning effort after measurement
      • Small amount of testing liquid required: 3.5 ml
    • Main user:
      • Chemical suppliers (adhesives, printing ink)
      • Producers of paper/board
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