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For refining of pulp samples under laboratory conditions

  • Applicable standards
    ISO 5264-2
    DIN EN 25264-2
    SCAN C 24
    TAPPI T 248
    PAPTAC C.7


    • High precision of the revolution speed of the beating elements by frequency converter
    • Sturdy and lasting construction with a stainless steel frame
    • All materials used are corrosion resistant
    • Improved safety level by two-hand operation
    • No rotating components accessible
    • Easy handling and ergonomic design
    • Touch screen


    A pulp sample of 30 g (od) at 10% consistency is beaten between a roll with 33 bars and the smooth inside of the beater housing at a certain speed, with a certain pressure for a certain number of revolutions. Typical time for beating is between two and ten minutes.

    Test description

    A prepared pulp sample is distributed on the inside wall of the housing. After the roll has been swing in, both start buttons left and right of the mill are pre