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Sheet former Rapid-Köthen KWT

Sheet former Rapid-Köthen KWT

For the production of standardised hand-sheets with a diameter of 200 mm and to enrich the white water with chemicals from the suspension.

  • Device description

    The warp resistant stainless steel frame is a robust base for the work table, in which two pumps, hot water baths, the control unit, a return water filter and the water container are installed. A forming column, dryers, the water circulation system, and the controls are mounted in the waterproof table surface. The control panel contains easy to read instruments and a timer for each dryer as well as a vacuum display. Different programs can be stored in the program control system, and can be reloaded
    at any time. Between the forming column and dryers there is a spacious work space for removing the manufactured hand sheets and preparing them for drying.

    Test description

    Suspension is taken from the equalizer (see catalogue). Water is introduced to the forming column automatically when the start button is pressed. When it has been filled to the 4 liter mark, the suspension is added. When the 7 liter mark is reached, the flow of water stops automatically. After the agitation is completed, the suspension comes to rest and is drained through a screen. The hand sheet is left on the screen frame. To provide desired stability the sheet is briefly treated with vacuum.
    Then the forming column is opened, the hand sheet has to be covered with a carrier board and couched. After detaching it is covered by cover sheet and put into the dryer. There the sheet is dried for the preset time (5 – 6 min). When the drying is complete, carrier board and cover sheet are removed. The sample now can be prepared  for further tests.

    The water used in making the sheet is not drained away, instead it is collected in a separate acrylic glass tank. It can be operated at room temperature, or heated up to 65 °C. It can be taken out for testing (e.g. chemical residue etc.) via the sample outlet on the side of the table.


    • Particularly suitable for research
    • Two integrated tin•bronze pumps
    • All parts made of corrosion•resistant materials
    • Automatic control system: up to 24 storable programs
    • Water circulation inside the dryers acc. to standard (3 – 6 l/min)
    • Available with up to 5 dryers
    • Dryer temperature: 93 – 97 °C
    • White water heatable up to 65 °C
    • Optional: Dryer temperature up to 145 °C

    Technical data

    Electrical connection: 400 V / 50 Hz
    Water connection: Yes
    Compressed air: 400-600 kPa

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