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Speed dryer

Speed dryer

For the rapid drying of hand sheets after pressing or for determining the dry content of hand sheets or pulp for speedy evaluation

  • Features

    • Anodised aluminium hot plate for precise heat distribution
    • Rapid drying of laboratory hand sheets or consistency pads
    • Electronic temperature control
    • Digital display
    • Temperature range from 30 to 150 °C (optionally 180°)
    • Durable, heat-resistant Kevlar cloth
    • 2 sizes: 580 x 430mm and 350 x 350 mm


    Robust stainless steel construction and anodised aluminium hot plate ensure precise heat distribution. A Kevlar breathable fabric cover allows moisture to escape through the perforated lid. The temperature is thermostatically controlled within a range of 30°C - 150°C (optionally 180°C). The actual temperature is displayed digitally.

    Test description

    During the manufacturing of paper and board there are numerous occasions when it is necessary to know the moisture content. Therefore the facility to dry samples to constant weight accurately and quickly is an asset to every laboratory. The PTI Rapid dryer has been designed to achieve that with all kinds of pulp, consistency pads, paper and paperboard samples and also for non-standard hand sheets for various experimental purposes.


    • Digital display with temperature-control
    • Anodised aluminium hot plate
    • Perforated cover with durable, heat-resistant Kevlar cloth
    • Large hot plate: 580 x 430 mm or 350 x 350 cm
    • Maximum temperature: 180°C

    Technical data

    Electricity: 220 - 230 V, 50 Hz
    Water supply: None
    Compressed air: None
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 35x45x18 cm, 58x53x18 cm
    Net weight: 25 kg / 35 kg
    Gross weight: 35 kg / 45 kg

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