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Universal Micrometer

Universal Micrometer

Measures thickness of various materials

  • Description

    The universal micrometer is especially suitable to measure the thickness of various materials. This well proved instrument has exchangeable measuring pins and load weights which can be chosen according to the given standard. (E.g. measuring pin 2 cm² and 20 N load for paper and board, radius with 6 mm diameter and 0.5 N load for foils etc.) Weight and measuring pins customized changeable. The sturdy, flexing-resistant housing provides for exact test results.

    Test description

    The sample is placed on the measuring area. The operator pushes the start button. The measuring pin lowers onto the sample and presses onto the sample with appropriate load pressure for a preset dwell time. An electronic sensor receives the measuring value, which subsequently is displayed. Statistic values and graphs can be read back after multiple tests. Those can optionally be forwarded to a PC and printed or stored.