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“Valley” Laboratory beater

“Valley” Laboratory beater

For beating of pulp under standardized conditions for laboratory purposes

  • Applicable standards:
    TAPPI T 200m
    TAPPI T 205m
    ISO 5246-1
    Scan C 25
    CPPA C.2



    Product code:  40130


    • Stainless steel tub
    • Stainless steel bedplate and flybars, stainless steel holder
    • Discharge drain closed by stopper
    • Beating pressure adjustable by means of weight, sliding weight for zeroing
    • Volume: 23 l (at a consistency of 1.57 %)
    • Beatable amount of pulp: 360 g (o.d.)


    The laboratory beater is made of stainless steel materials. The tub has a capacity of 23 l, which allows the beating of 360 g of pulp. The diameter of the roll with 32 flybars is 194 mm and has a width of 152 mm. The bed plate consists of seven bars with a thickness of 3,2 mm. They are made of stainless steel with wooden spacers between them and set securely in lead. The bed plate is sealed to the tub by a rubber membrane. The large one-piece splash cover for the tub ensures safe operation.

    Test description

    360 g pulp (o.d.) is torn into pieces of approx. 25 x 25 mm, soaked with water and disintegrated. Then it is diluted to 23L for the beating process. Samples are taken at preset intervals depending on which sort of pulp is being beaten. The whole test can take up to 90min. Samples are used for handsheets for physical testing.


    • Adjustable feet for accurate levelling
    • All components made of rustproof materials
    • Built-in motor IP 55 with electronic frequency converter for accurate speed control
    • Electric control cabinet with built-in timer
    • Standard beating with 360 g pulp (o.d.)
    • CE-certified
    • Stand included in delivery

    Technical data:

    Electricity: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
    Water supply: Water (for cleaning)
    Compressed air: None
    Dimensions (WxDxH): 120x80x170 cm
    Net weight: 150 kg
    Gross weight: 200 kg

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